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Information concerning the partner programme (Referrer System, Affiliate Programme)

This documentation is chiefly targeted at Webmasters who wish to include deep links in our pages, and at technically competent page operators who wish to know exactly when individualization facilities are provided by our affiliate and partner programmes. However, the Link Creator should normally meet all requirements. We offer you the following three opportunities to earn money by your Internet presence with our products:

  1. As a partner of one of the broker pools, agent associations or marketing companies who cooperate with us (for example: Maxpool, Jung, DMS & Cie, Impuls GmbH, MLP), you do not require a direct general agreement with us either. In this case, enquire with your broker pool or your marketing company how contracts arranged through us are settled.
  2. Insurance brokers, insurance agents, ad hoc advisers have to conclude a general agreement with us. You can find detailed information under “Becoming a partner”.
  3. Tippgeber wie z.B. Sprachschulen, Au-Pair Agenturen, Reisebüros, Internet-Portalbetreiber und Visum-Agenturen können eine Tippgebervereinbarung mit uns abzuschließen. Informationen dazu finden Sie unter 'Partner werden'.

As soon as you meet one of the above-mentioned conditions, you are able to include our products in or link them to your Internet page. In order to facilitate establishment of the required link and code snippet for the advertising banner inclusion, we make our Link Creator available to you. This takes you step-by-step through all necessary information.

Technical implementation/security

Whenever a visitor reaches our product page via your link, your ad hoc adviser/agency/agent number and your e-mail address (optional) are stored in a session cookie. When concluding a contract, this ensures that your identity code is entered in the online application form. We store and hand over the ad hoc adviser number on security grounds with the aid of two different methods (link attachments and session cookies) and thus guarantee that due allowance is made for your intervention. Unlike in the case of cookies, the use of session cookies cannot be prevented by visitors to the page. Subsequent removal of the identity code from the ad hoc adviser number panel or from the address line produces no effect, because your identity code is additionally concealed and transmitted via hidden fields. It is only when the visitor has gone through all current browser stages and has closed all browser windows that the identity code can be overridden or erased. For example, if a visitor discovers our product on your page and then attempts to find us via Google or some other search engine in order to conclude a contract with us direct whilst bypassing you, your identity code nevertheless appears and the insurance contract is allocated to you.

Navigation choice of language [navilang]

You are free to choose between five languages for the overriding navigation as well as product navigation. Whilst the substance can be determined irrespective of the document language, it is normally based on the navigation language. The differentiation between document language and navigation language results in the fact that, when selecting a document which has not yet been translated, navigation can be left in the previously selected language. When selecting a page in a language version which has not been keyed in, the customer is shown a special page in the language chosen by him and which lists the documents offered in the selected language at this tariff and the languages in which he is able to view the page in question. All tariff initial pages and all online applications are available in five languages. In the case of the majority of products, nearly all sub-pages are available in five languages. This ensures that the visitor is able to inform himself in the language best suited to him in order to conclude a contract. A detailed list of the links can be found under the item “blank pages/white label”.

Technical details regarding the navigation choice of languages
German navigation
Englisch navigation
Spanish navigation
Chinese navigation
Turkish navigation
If the variable 'navilang' is left blank or not mentioned in the link, the navigation appears in German.
White label/blank pages [blanko]

If you wish to offer our products on your Internet page, you are able either to place a link on our page or to integrate our contents without our logo and colour scheme (corporate identity). The white label pages have been designed in order to be integrated in existing Internet pages. Naming the product provider has been dispensed with and a neutral design has been chosen. Furthermore, the design has been perfectly adapted to the own page design by selection of a colour scheme or the setting up of an adapted CSS file.
This ensures that your customer remains on your page and activates your and not our page of the favourites/markers also in the event of a subsequent visit. We recommend integration in a frame or iframe.

Technical details regarding activation of the white label/blank version of our page
This information activates the white label/blank view of the page without page navigation and Cl.
[default] Our page appears in the customary look and feel with navigation and Cl.
If the variable 'blanko' is left blank or not mentioned by the link, our page appears in the Care Concept design.
Overriding product navigation [navi]

You yourself are able to determine via the variable “navi” whether your visitors are shown a navigation to further products. If you include in your Internet page links to all tariff pages, fading in of navigation is not necessarily required, but nevertheless advisable. Only fade in the product overview or the tariff finder, save your visitors with the aid of the overriding product navigation unnecessary clicks in order to look at alternatives.

In order to enable you to adapt the selection to your target group, we offer you three different variants:

  1. All products – All products which can be concluded online are shown in the table.
  2. All products including tariff finder – The tariff finder is faded in in addition to the product table.
  3. Incoming only – Only products targeted at travellers in Germany or Austria are listed.
  4. Outgoing only – Only products targeted at German and Austrian nationals abroad are listed.

Full masking of the overriding product navigation is only advisable provided your circle of visitors is sufficiently homogeneous in such a manner that only one single tariff is involved (e.g. au pair agencies). However, the fact has to be borne in mind that there are special cases in which it may make sense to offer alternatives also in the case of fairly homogeneous visitors. For example, an au pair staying abroad may be visited by her parents who are also searching for a suitable product on your page.

Technical details regarding overriding product navigation.
The top navigation line contains all online products.
The top navigation line only contains the outgoing products.
The top navigation line only contains the incoming products.
The top navigation line is not faded in [default]
If the variable 'navi' is left blank or is not mentioned by the link, no overriding navigation appears above the product pages.
Product overviews

You are able to choose between four different product overviews in our Link Creator. You are able to show all products without tariff finder, all tariffs plus tariff finder, only the incoming products or only the outgoing products. When combined with the variable “navi”, this facilitates the approach to the target group. You are obviously able to set up an individual overview of our products and to provide it with links to our pages. Integration of a product overview presents the advantage that you do not have to adapt the key data in the event of a product change and new products appear immediately on your page. All variants of our product overview have been fully translated into five languages. The different product overviews are available in the five specified languages which you are able to select by clicking on the national flags in the top right hand corner.

Technical details regarding product overviews.
Product overviews URL
All with tariff finder.
All without tariff finder.
Only incoming
Only outgoing
Colour scheme [fs]

When using our white label/blank pages, you are able to choose between five different colour schemes (apricot, light blue, dark blue, green, black-white and frameless) with a view to integrating our contents in your appearance. We offer our technically competent users to modify our CSS files and thus to adapt the contents shown in exact detail to your Cl.The fading in of an individual header and footer area is possible following consultation. Our Internet team will be pleased to assist you with individual solutions.

Technical details regarding the colour scheme.
Dark blue
Light blue [default]
If the variable 'fs' is left blank or is not mentioned by the link, the default value is used
Ad hoc advertiser/Agency number[vmnr]

In order to be able to allocate your contracts, you have to key in your ad hoc adviser/ or agent number in the relevant panel at “Producing link”. Preceding zeros have to be stated and letters have to be shown in upper case. If the ten digit agent identity code is incomplete, incorrect or not stated, we are unable to remunerate your turnover!

Technical details regarding the ad hoc adviser/agency number
vmnr=ad hoc adviser number
the ten digit identity code is essential for payment.
If the variable 'vmnr' is left blank or is not mentioned by the link, no payment is effected.
Agency/Partner/Intermediary Identity code [vmmx]

If you cooperate with us through an affiliate network, a broker pool, agent association or marketing company (e.g. Maxpool, ‘Jung, DMS & Cie, Impuls GmbH, MLP), the identity code has to be added to this variable by which you authenticate yourself to this company.

Technical details regarding the agency/partner/intermediary identity code.
vmmx=identity code
This identity code enables your service provider to pass your fee on to you.
If the variable 'vmmx' is left blank or is not mentioned by the link, the contract cannot be allocated to your service provider.
E-mail Notification [mail]

By keying in an e-mail address in the form under "Producing link", you activate the notification function. You will then receive an e-mail with the contractual data concerning every concluded contract.

Technical details regarding e-mail notification.
We are sending a notification containing all contractual data concerning every concluded contract to this e-mail address.
If the variable 'mail' is left blank or is not mentioned by the link, you receive no notification
Selecting an advertising banner

If you wish to include an advertising banner in your Internet page, you have to complete our link creator in full and click on “Go to the banner selection” at the end of the page. You will then be shown a selection of banners matching the chosen product or the selected overview page. You have a choice between about 200 advertising banners. You are only offered 20 banners adapted to the target group in five different standard formats for your selection as a function of the chosen tariff.

Ask the webmaster for assistance

If you require assistance when installing the system, if you have improvement suggestions or technical queries regarding the system, our internet team will be pleased to help you in German, English or Spanish. You can reach it by e-mail (webmaster[ät] or by phone monday to friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. by the direct line +49 228 97735-77+49 228 97735-77.

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