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Liability insurance
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Insurable persons

Eligible for insurance are

  • foreign nationals travelling temporarily to Germany or Austria
  • German or Austrian nationals travelling abroad temporarily.

Eligible for insurance are persons up to 74 years.

Field of application

The insurances apply only during the stay in the foreign country.


HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, 20354 Hamburg

Duration of insurance

The maximum duration of insurance 60 months.

Liability insurance Type S Type M Type XL
lump sum coverage for personal injury and property damage €1 Mio. €2 Mio. €2.5 Mio.
Deportation costs to cover undertakings of the policyholder versus German authorities €1,000 €2,000 €3,000
co-insurance of damage to rented property for immovable objects, deductible 10%, minimum €250.00 per claim €10,000 €25,000 €50,000
Loss-of-key cover for private dwellings (resp. room or apartment), deductible €100.00 per claim - - €1,000
General deductible per claim €250 €0 €0
Accident insurance Type S Type M Type XL
Basic invalidity amount - €30,000 €40,000
Maximum invalidity sum with progressive scale 350% - €105,000 €140,000
Death benefit in the event of accidental death - €15,000 €25,000
Salvage costs following an accident - €7,500 €10,000
Cosmetic operations due to an accident - €2,500 €5,000
Monthly premium* € 2 €4 €7.50
Minimum premium €10 €12 €15
* The premium for the liability insurance respectively liability and accident insurance can only be paid monthly if you selected monthly and Direct debit as the method of payment and chose at least 6 months as term of insurance. Insurance cover only exists, if the insurance premium is paid completely.
For a complete list of benefits see the Conditions of liability/accident insurance.
-Premium list Care Protector
Type S Type M Type XL
-Monthly premium* € 2.00 € 4.00 € 7.50
Minimum premium € 10.00 € 12.00 € 15.00
*The premium must be paid as a single premium for the entire term.Insurance cover only exists, if the insurance premium is paid completely.
Take out insurance

Take out the insurance online: Online application.

Download shortinfo

 Download shortinfo Care Protector (PDF)(140KB)

Please note that the English translation is for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German one.

Insurance type: Liability insurance for travellers

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Care Protector Care Concept AG • Liability insurance for travellers • Haftpflichtversicherung • Introduction

Insurance type
Liability-/Liability- and accident insurance
Insurable persons
Germans abroad, foreign nationals in the EU
Age at beginning
0-73 Years
Premium Care Protector
from €2 / month
1 month - 5 Years
  • Lump sum coverage from 1 Mio. up to 2.5 Mio.
  • Deportation cost choosable: €1,000.00 up to €3,000.00
  • Co-insurance of damage to rented property from €10,000.00 (tariff S)
Haftpflichtversicherung • Description • Information
Haftpflichtversicherung • online application • online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).