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Care Economy
Health insurance abroad for foreign visitors
In brief
Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 5 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 1 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 2 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 7 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 4 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 6 Auslandskrankenversicherung_für_Ausländer_in_Deutschland_und_der_EU Bild 3
Insurable persons

The insurance is available for the following persons, who are staying temporarily in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the Schengen States:

  • foreign nationals
  • German or Austrian nationals with permanent place of abode abroad for more than 2 years,

Maximum age: 74 years.

Field of application

Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the Schengen States


HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, 20354 Hamburg

Duration of insurance

Minimum term of insurance: 1 day. Maximum insurance period: 2 years (incl. renewals).

Care Economy - All benefits at a glance
Health insurance
  • freephone service numbers
  • out-patient treatment by a doctor
  • in-patient treatment at a hospital (general nursing class - multiple-bed rooms - without optional benefits) including subsequent treatment.
  • medically prescribed medications and dressings
  • pregnancy examiniations and treatment; delivery (8 month waiting period)
  • medically prescribed massages, medical packs and inhalers
  • transportation costs to hospital for medical reasons
  • transport in case of death/burial costs up to €10,000.00
  • pain-deadening dental treatment incl. simple fillings and repair of existing dental prosthesis, max. €300.00 per insurance duration up to 180 days, over 180 days max. €600.00
  • medically prescribed aids following an accident
  • medically appropriate return up to €10,000.00
  • direct settlement with the doctors, hospitals et. via treatment vouchers (in D/AUT only)
  • deductible per insured event (€25.00)
Premium list Health insurance Care Economy
Health insurance
Term of insurance up to ... days up to 64 years 65-74 years
90 €1.03 / day €2.80 / day
91 - 180 €1.25 / day €3.50 / day
181 - 365 €1.80 / day €4.70 / day
366 - 730 €2.20 / day €7.50 / day
Minimum premium per person and term: €10.30
Monthly payment type for health insurance is only possible from 180 days term of insurance and choosing direct debit.
Monthly premium health insurance
Term of insurance up to ... days up to 64 years 65-74 years
180 - 365 €46.00 / month €120.00 / month
366 - 730 €70.00 / month €230.00 / month
The max insurance period - including all possible renewals - is two years. In case of renewals the difference between the premium for the period originally chosen and the premium for the newly requested total period is then payable as a differential premium.
Take out insurance

Take out the insurance online: online application.

Download shortinfo

Designelement zur Auslandskrankenversicherung Care Economy Kurzinformation Download shortinfo Care Economy (PDF) (43KB)

Please note that the English translation is for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German one.

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Care Economy Care Concept AG • Health insurance for foreign guests and visitors • Care Economy • Introduction

Insurance type
Health insurance abroad for foreign visitors
Insurable persons
Health insurance for foreign visitors in the EU
Age at beginning
0-74 Years
Premium Care Economy
from €1.03 / day
1 day - 2 Years
  • Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Outpatient, inpatient and pain-deadening dental treatment
  • Repatriation for medical reasons (up to €10,000.00)
  • Transportation costs to hospital
online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).