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Students insurance
- Statutory health insurance for students
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Statutory health insurance for students
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Study carefree and enjoy excellent insurance all round!

If you want to study in Germany, you must as a rule be insured via a statutory health insurance fund (also see Extracts from the German Social Security Code). We give you the opportunity to move into a statutory health insurance fund.
To make it easy for you, we offer you a special service: For enrolment at a college or university you need a certificate from a statutory health insurance fund. We organize that for you:

  • optimum insurance cover from the very first day from a single source
  • foreign language support
  • inexpensive premium with outstanding service
It’s this simple

With us you enjoy complete insurance cover from the first day of the semester with all the added features in benefits and services. The college then reports to the health insurance fund that you have started your studies.

Without this confirmation you cannot start studying!
In the event of further questions Care Concept AG is only too pleased to be of service on the following free numbers from the fixed-line telephone network in Germany:
Phone: 0800 9773500
Fax: 0800 9773535

Otherwise dial:
Phone: + 49 228 97735-44
Fax: + 49 228 97735-944

Premium list statutory health insurance for students
Health insurance for students Nursing insurance for students
€64,77 Monthly premium €12,24 per month or €13,73 (for persons without children from 23 years of age)
Exceptional in Benefits and Service

More than 200 health insurance funds (Krankenkasse) are available for everybody to choose from and at first glance all seem to be the same. The DAK - Gesundheit is the personal fund among the health insurance funds – values like partnership, trust, proximity and certainty give our policyholders a good feeling.

But not only that perceptible good feeling differentiates the DAK - Gesundheit quite clearly from other health insurance funds - with us, a broad spectrum of excellent additional benefits comes as standard.

Treat yourself to that difference and enjoy the quality of the health insurance fund with health protection made to measure.

You notice you’re in good hands - our service

  • Reachable around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Health Information Centre with expert advice
  • Individual support and advice from your personal contact person
  • Informative customer magazine
  • Expert nursing place search service
  • Seminars surrounding health
  • Over 100 local service points across Germany
  • Central quality and complaints management

You notice you’re well insured - excellent benefits

  • Acupuncture for back and knee pain
  • Family and life partner cover with no extra premium
  • Health promotion and health courses
  • Care centred around family doctor - family doctor as pilot
  • Indication-related education and prophylaxis programs
  • Individual health management
  • Advice and help on rehabilitation
  • Structured therapy programs for the chronically ill (DMP)
  • Trendsetting: Tele-medicine for heart insufficiency

You notice you’re well looked after - feeling certain

  • Consulting days on different current health topics
  • Family phone: Qualified advice and help for the whole family
  • Cost transparency for dentures: Lower own contribution through free price comparison
  • "ReiseAktiv": Save money on wellness and travel
  • Non-prescription drugs in online price comparison and mail-order pharmacies as partners
  • Comprehensive advice (e.g. in the event of malpractice)
  • Repeated top rankings in evaluations of statutory health insurance funds
  • Additional private protection – exclusive and advantageous

When it comes to Service and Benefits the DAK - Gesundheit occupies in comparative nationwide tests top places again and again.

We are
Yesterday - today - tomorrow

* Information: the following overview of test certificates also shows former ratings that are outdated by newer tests or rather could be.
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Testsieger 1 gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Umfangreichste Zusatzversicherung gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Top Gesundheitsförderung
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Top Versorgung Testsieger gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Leistungssieger Krnakenkassen gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Doktors Liebling
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Bester Service gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten 1. Platz gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Öko-Testsieger
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Zertifizierter Kundenservice gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Auszeichnung kundenfreundlichster Dienstleister Deutschlands

Lots of good reasons to come to us!

  • Because of the many benefits and comprehensive service, such as our new elective tariffs insurance cover just as you need it
  • Because of our reachability around the clock, 365 days a year

Please note that the English translation is for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German one.

Insurance type:

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Insurance type
Statutory health insurance for students
Insurable persons
Age at beginning
€78.50 / month
- Age: 29 Years / semester: 15
  • Statutory health insurance for students
Studentenversicherung • Description • gesetzliche Krankenversicherung fuer Studenten Information
Studentenversicherung • online application • gesetzliche Krankenversicherung fuer Studenten online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).