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Care Ambassade - flexible Versicherung für Auslandsaufenthalte ab einem Jahr bis unbefristet



Ambassade product overview:


Ambassade - flexible insurance cover for expatriates staying abroad for more than a year (up to unlimited life-time cover)

  • Insurance cover for expatriates of any nationality, staying abroad (=not country of nationality)
  • Fully flexible benefits
  • Age limit for applications: up to and including 70
  • Life-time cover: you are covered for as long as you want
  • Worldwide insurance cover possible (depending on chosen insurance zone)
  • Full insurance cover also in your country of nationality during temporary stays (if it is located in the insured zone)
  • Competitive family premiums
  • Attractive range of additional benefits:
    • Assistance,
    • Personal liability and Legal assistance,
    • Death and total loss and irreversible loss of autonomy,
    • Income protection

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Ambassade offers fully flexible benefits according to your personal needs:

3 options with different levels of reimbursements:

  • Essentielle (maximum amount of medical expenses per year €750,000 basic cover)
  • Medium (maximum amount of medical expenses per year €1,500,000 intermediate cover )
  • Extenso (maximum amount of medical expenses per year €2,000,000 generous cover )

3 levels of cover:

  • Hospitalisation only
  • Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare
  • Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare + Optical-Dental

3 percentages of reimbursement:

  • 100% of actual costs
  • 90% of actual costs
  • 80% of actual costs
Key benefits:
JaDirect payment of hospital charges worldwide
JaPrivate room covered up to €200/day
JaGenerous reimbursement of consultations with GPs and specialists, including alternative medicine
JaDiagnostic screening covered at 100% of actual costs
JaDental treatment, dentures and implants covered up to €2,500/year
JaSpectacles (lenses and frames) reimbursed up to €650/year

Exclusive healthcare networks for clients in the United States and Mexico:
  • Access to one of the leading healthcare networks in the United States: almost 490,000 doctors and more than 5,000 hospitals.
  • No cash advance required: we’ll settle your bill directly! This service is available for:
    • consultations with GPs and specialists
    • tests
    • X-rays
    • medical examinations and treatment
  • Third party pharmacy card: no cash advance required in more than 57,000 pharmacies in the USA
  • Access to APRIL’s network comprising nearly 850 partner healthcare practitioners and more than 37 hospitals in Mexico, where no cash advance is required

Important additional insurance options:


  • Medical repatriation or medical transportation to the most appropriate hospital or the country of nationality (or country of origin, if different)
  • Search and rescue expenses
  • Visit cost of a family member if the insured is hospitalised for more than 6 days
  • Returning the body or ashes to residence
  • Advance of funds abroad/ Provision of new travel document abroad
  • Legal expenses incurred while abroad
  • Early return if a family member dies in the country of nationality or due to hospitalisation for 5 days or more of a family member in the country of nationality

Personal liability (Private capacity) and Legal assistance:

  • You are covered if you, or any person you are responsible for, are held legally responsible for damage to a third party while travelling to your host country and during your stay abroad in a non-business capacity
  • Legal, administrative and practical information service by phone or email
  • Legal assistance in the event of a dispute (legal defence and appeal)
  • Personal liability (private capacity) and legal assistance cover must be taken out in combination with other cover under the policy

Death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy:

  • In the event of an illness leading to death, we will pay a lump sum to the beneficiary or beneficiaries designated at the time of application.
  • Maximum death benefit: €400,000
  • The amount of the sum is doubled if death is caused by an accident
  • In addition, the amount is fully paid in the case of total and irreversible loss of autonomy

Income protection

  • APRIL will pay a daily benefit or a disability amount if you cannot work due to illness or accident
  • You can choose the level of daily benefit (between €20 and €200)
  • Daily indemnities may be paid starting from the 31st day or the 61st day based on the option selected and for a maximum period of 3 years
  • The daily benefit is converted to an annual pension after a maximum of 3 years' payment of the daily benefit. The annual pension is paid once your condition has stabilised and until you reach retirement age, 65 at the latest
  • In case of financial difficulties caused by a leave of absence from work with the right to daily benefit, you receive free social protection cover
  • You can take out this cover only if you are already covered for death benefit under the policy
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