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Health Insurance for students and language pupils

Sprachschüler/Studenten – Health Insurance for students and language pupils


Health Insurance for students and language pupils

As a language pupil or students you can choose between different health insurances: tariff Care College for language pupils/students, the statutory health insurance for students, tariff Care College USA for exchange semesters in USA, Canada and Mexico. If you don't know which one ist the best for you, please have a look at our comparison students insurances.

Sprachschüler - Care College:

Care College health insurance is tailored to the needs of language students, guest students, scholarship holders, doctorate students and participants in international projects at universities and colleges. It also covers the needs of exchange students, e.g. ERASMUS, SOKRATES or DAAD, on Working Holiday, Work & Travel and Work & Study programmes, as well as other further education and study trips abroad. International health insurance can be taken out up to the insured’s 35th birthday during a stay abroad anywhere in the world (except the NAFTA) countries.

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Statutory health insurance for students

If you’re planning to begin a course of study in Germany, you must as a rule take out a student insurance policy with one of the statutory health insurance funds. As the official international student office of the DAK - Gesundheit we make it very easy for you: If you are no older than 29 and are beginning a course of study in the first semester at a technical college or university in Germany, you can apply for your student insurance with DAK - Gesundheit directly online here.

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Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung
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Auslandssemester in USA, Kanada, Mexiko

Die Auslandsversicherung Care College USA ist zugeschnitten auf die Bedürfnisse von Privatreisenden, Geschäftsreisenden, Au-Pairs, Studenten, Sprachschülern, Austauschschülern und Bildungsreisenden in den USA, Mexiko und Kanada. Die Laufzeit inkl. Verlängerung kann zwischen 1 Monat und 48 Monaten betragen. Sie können die Auslandsversicherung direkt online abschließen.

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Ergänzend zur Auslandskrankenversicherung empfehlen wir den Abschluss der Unfall- und Haftpflichtversicherung "Care Protector". Diese können Sie ab € 2 / Monat ganz bequem unter Online-Antrag abschließen.

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Allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen zur Auslandsversicherung für Sprachschüler und ausländische Studenten

Students insurance (CHI)

Ausgezeichnete gesetzliche deutsche Krankenversicherung für Studenten.

Häufig gestellte Fragen zur Auslandskrankenversicherung für Sprachschüler und ausländische Studenten


Liability insurance and accident insurance for foreign nationals in Germany and Europe and for Germans and Austrians abroad.


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