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Should you wish to amend your personal details or the particulars of your policy now or at a later date, you are welcome to use our online service website. It offers you the opportunity to amend your policy details simply and easily any time you want, and obtain a prompt reply from us:

Our online service website allows you to do the following:

  • Change your personal information and contact details
  • Postpone commencement of cover
  • Notify us that of a stay in your home country or a third country
  • Change your bank details or amend a direct debit mandate
  • Request a premium refund (for the Care College Comfort / Premium tariff)
  • Renewals: Extend the insurance policy
  • Termination form: Terminate the insurance policy
  • Cancellation: Cancel the insurance policy

Take advantage of this fast, convenient way for processing your service requests:

You can reach us:
anfahrt e-mail, Telephone, Fax-no. anfahrt Directions (by car)
anfahrt Postal and office address anfahrt Public transport (SWB)
Notification of claim
Schadenanzeige incoming Health insurance abroad: Notification of claim incoming (PDF 140 KB)
Schadenanzeige outgoing Health insurance abroad: Notification of claim outgoing (Journeys from Germany abroad) (PDF 139 KB)
Schadenanzeige für Sprachschüler Health insurance for language pupils & students: Notification of claim (PDF 93 KB)
Schadenanzeige für Au-pairs Au-Pair-Insurance: Notification of claim (PDF 85 KB)
Schadenanzeige Reiserücktritt Jahresversicherung Travel cancellation expenses One-year policy: Notification of claim (PDF 108 KB)
Schadenanzeige Reiserücktritt Einmalpolice Travel cancellation expenses : Notification of claim (PDF 108 KB)
Schadenanzeige Haftpflichtversicherung Liability insurance: Notification of claim (PDF 45 KB)
Schadenanzeige Unfallversicherung Accident insurance: Notification of claim (PDF 52 KB)
Contact form
anfahrt Questions on products, contracts, cooperations etc.
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