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Care College – The health insurance for scholars and language students

Who is eligible for cover: Care College health insurance is tailored to the needs of language students, guest students, scholarship holders, doctorate students and participants in international projects at universities and colleges. It also covers the needs of exchange students, e.g. ERASMUS, SOKRATES or DAAD, on Working Holiday, Work & Travel and Work & Study programmes, as well as other further education and study trips abroad.Studentenversicherung Bild 1
International health insurance can be taken out up to the insured’s 35th birthday both for foreign students with permanent residence anywhere else in the world during a temporary stay in Germany and/or Austria, as well as for Austrian and German nationals during a stay abroad anywhere in the world (except the NAFTA) countries.

What are the insurance benefits: The benefits cover outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment by all licensed physicians worldwide at the normal local fees.

What does the insurance cost: The premium for "Care College Basic" international insurance in the firstpreiswerte Sprachschülerversicherung ab 26 Euro 18 months amounts to 26.00 EUR, for "Care College Comfort" 33.00 EUR and for "Care College Premium 57.00 EUR per month.

Taking out insurance: You can take out an international policy directly online and, after your application has been checked and approved, will receive your insurance documents by e-mail within a few minutes. You can also use these for a visa application. In addition we will send you the full insurance documentation, including the policy, by post within two working days.

In addition to international health insurance, we also recommend that you take out a "Care Protector" accident and liability policy. You can conclude this quite conveniently together with your health insurance under Online Application for a premium from 2.00 EUR per month.

Insurance information

Survey and information on the benefits of health insurance Care College

In brief
Informationen zur Auslandskrankenversicherung für Sprachschüler und ausländische Studenten

General terms of insurance

General terms of insurance for language students

Allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen zur Auslandsversicherung für Sprachschüler und ausländische Studenten

Send application

Here you can effect the Care College health insurance with online confirmation.

renewals (online) renewals (online)
online application
Onlineantrrag mit Sofortbestätigung zur Auslandsversicherung für Sprachschüler und Studenten

Frequently asked questions

Questions to be answered and forms for language pupils' insurance           

Häufig gestellte Fragen zur Auslandskrankenversicherung für Sprachschüler und ausländische Studenten
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Care College Care Concept AG • Health insurance for students and language pupils • Care College Introduction

Insurance type
Health insurance for language pupils & students
Insurable persons
Language students, foreign students, doctorates
Age at beginning
12-35 Years
Premium Care College
from €26 / month
1 - 48 months
  • Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment
  • Repatriation for medical reasons up to €10,000.00 (Basic), up to 100 % (Comfort/Premium)
  • Credit note for one month's premium if no claims in one insurance year (Comfort/Premium)
Care College • Description • Krankenversicherung für ausländische Studenten und Sprachschüler in Deutschland ab € 26 & Auslandskrankenversicherung für deutsche Studenten weltweit Information
Care College • online application • Krankenversicherung für ausländische Studenten und Sprachschüler in Deutschland ab € 26 & Auslandskrankenversicherung für deutsche Studenten weltweit online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).