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Care Expatriate - Health insurance for expatriates and travelers with long-term stays

Care Expatriate - Health insurance for expatriates and travelers with long-term stays

Online application

Online application

Who is eligible for coverage?

Care Expatriate international health insurance coverage is tailored to the needs of individual and business travelers as well as to those on business assignments worldwide or persons emigrating worldwide. This health insurance can be taken out for long-term trips (stays abroad for at least 3 months up to a maximum of 5 years) up to a maximum entry age of 74 years old.

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What are the insurance benefits?

The benefits cover outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment, as well as preventive check-ups, remediesmassage, radiation treatment, physiotherapy and medical aids vision aids, wheelchairs, walking aids etc. with all licensed physicians worldwide at the customary local fee rates. In Germany, the maximum duration of coverage is 5 years. Outside Germany, you can extend your policy as often as you wish until you reach the maximum age. When taking out initial coverage for 5 years with a geographic scope outside of Germany, there is a one-time guarantee of acceptance for a follow-up policy up to a maximum of 5 further years (Care Expatriate Comfort / Care Expatriate Premium). Irrespective of any existing conditions, coverage is guaranteed for newborns Registration for cover for newborns can take place retroactively up to two months after the birth as long as one parent has been insured under this tariff for at least 3 months and there is no other insurance cover.

We recommend business travelers and those on business assignments abroad take out a daily sickness allowance policy ("Care Cash"). Care Cash daily sickness allowance coverage compensates for loss of income due to prolonged illness. This coverage can be applied for while applying for the health insurance.

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What does the insurance cost?

Health insurance abroad for expatriates from EUR 58.00 / MonthInternational insurance policies for long-term travelers can be tailored to individual needs:

  • three rates available with different insurance benefits
  • coverage can include or exclude the US,CA,MXUSA, Mexico and Canada
  • available insurance deductible levels are €0.00, €150.00, €500.00 or €1,000.00

The monthly premium for Care Expatriate international insurance depends on one’s age. For a 28 year old person, for example, the health insurance costs €58.00 per month for a stay worldwide except in the US,CA,MXUSA, Mexico and Canada. You will find a list of premium rates in the Table of Premium Overview in the following pages.

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Taking out insurance coverage:

You can take out Care Expatriate international insurance directly online and, after your application has been assessed and approved, you will receive your insurance documents by e-mail within a few minutes. You can also use these documents to apply for a visa.

To supplement your international health insurance, we also recommend taking out a "Care Protector" accident and liability insurance policy. By clicking on Online Application, you can purchase this coverage quite conveniently along with your health insurance for a premium starting at just EUR 2.00 per month. Liability insurance protects you against claims for damages by third parites. Accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of a restriction in your ability to work due to long-term disability or death following an accident.Care Protector

Online application

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Additional insurance

Information on the additional option of Care Cash daily sickness allowance insurance

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Care Expatriate x

Type of insurance: Foreign health insurance for expatriates

Insurable persons: Emigrants, expatriates, residents, long-term trips

Entry age: 0-74 years

Duration: 3 - 60 months

Care Expatriate


  • Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment
  • Preventive examinations, medication and medical aids (Comfort, Premium)
  • Insurance coverage in home country up to 30 days (Basic), 45 days (Comfort), 90 days (Premium)
*For a complete list of benefits see the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTI).