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Care Au-Pair - affordable international health insurance for au pairs

Care Au-Pair


My Care Concept Customer service portal:

Simply use our secure My Care Concept Customer service portal, which offers you extensive services and information regarding your insurance coverage Care Au-Pair. If you do not yet have a customer portal account, you can register for the customer portal with just a few clicks!

In our My Care Concept customer portal, you will find all information on your insurance contract. You also have the opportunity to conveniently and easily change your contract details and to submit invoices and documents in the event of a claim.

We recommend you use our customer portal where you can easily do the following:

  • Always have an overview of your contract details
  • Fast and secure communication with Care Concept
  • Keep the current status of your contracts always in view (e.g. contract expiration, problems with payment, etc.)
  • Get notes on the payment modalities
  • Submit bills/receipts (doctor’s bills, pharmacy receipts, hospital bills) / Submit other documents (self-disclosure, proof of entry, etc.)
  • Change your personal details and contact information
  • Postpone the start of the insurance coverage
  • Postpone the end of the insurance coverage
  • Report the place of residency in the home country or a third country
  • Change any bank/account details or issue a direct debit authorization
  • Apply for a premium refund (only for the Care College Comfort / Premium plans)
  • Extend, terminate or revoke the insurance

My Care Concept Customer service portalWhen using the My Care Concept Customer service portal we can guarantee very fast turnaround times. Alternatively, you can also use the service portal, where processing may take a little longer.

Customer service portal Watch tips on how to register your customer portal account in the form of an explainer video. Care Concept Customer Portal Explanatory Videos

Care Concept InvoiceApp:

Care Concept RechnungsAppWith our new Care Concept InvoiceApp, you can scan documents quickly and easily from anywhere with your cell phone or tablet and transmit them to us in a secure manner:
Care Concept InvoiceApp

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Care Au-Pair

Type of insurance: International Health Insurance for au-pairs worldwide

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Care Au-Pair x

Type of insurance: Foreign health insurance for au pairs

Insurable persons: Au pairs worldwide except in USA, Canada and Mexico

Entry age: 16-35 years

Duration: 1 - 24 months

Care Au-Pair


  • Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Outpatient, inpatient and pain-relieving dental treatment
  • Sick pay during inpatient treatment (M,XL)
  • Costs for a visit by a family member during inpatient treatment up to a maximum of 1,500.00 (XL)
*For a complete list of benefits see the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTI).