Produktinformationsblatt zur Auslandskrankenversicherung Care Travel schließen

Product Information Sheet to private health insurance – tariff Care Travel (without NAFTA)

1. What is the product in question?
The Care Travel tariff is a foreign travel health insurance product.
2. What are your benefit entitlements?

The foreign travel health insurance Care Travel assumes 100% of the costs of medically necessary out-patient or in-patient medical treatment for all unforeseeable cases of illness.
Medicines, remedies, aids and appliances are of course included in the benefit package.
The costs of pain-relieving dental treatment are also assumed at 100%. Individual trips can be insured covering a period of up to 365 days travel.

One special advantage of the Care Travel tariff: The costs of medically necessary repatriation from abroad shall also be reimbursed at 100%. The costs of repatriation of deceased persons or burial abroad shall be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of EUR 10,000.

The Care Travel tariff does not include any benefits for dental prosthesis or orthodontic treatment.

Insurance cover shall apply world-wide for persons who have their permanent place of residence in Germany or Austria - with the exception of territories for which the insured person holds citizenship or in which they permanently reside.
Please consult the tariff information sheet and § 1 of the (German) General Terms and Conditions for the insurance of medical costs and daily hospital benefits during travels (AVB-R) for further details regarding the benefits covered.

3. Premiums and due dates
The premium for each insured person per day of travel amounts to

to Premiums for Care Travel Tariff in EUR
Age Applicability worldwide from 1 to a maximum of 365 days of travel
up to the age of 60 without NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico) 1,14 € per person and day of travel
from age of 61 without NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico) 4,80 € per person and day of travel

The total period of travel including existing annual insurance must not exceed 365 days. A minimum premium of EUR 8.50 shall be payable irrespective of the length of travel time applied for.
The premium is a single premium payable in advance, at the latest upon conclusion of the insurance policy for the period of travel applied for. Authorising an executable direct debit transfer shall be deemed to be equal to the payment of the premium. Insurance cover shall not be granted as long as the premium has not been paid. Please consult § 2, Para. 1, AVB-R for details.
4. Can we limit benefits or refuse to pay any benefits at all?
Your foreign travel health insurance policy basically provides cover within the scope of the tariff for the costs of medical treatment required during a temporary period of time spent abroad. However, certain benefits are not included in the insurance coverage. The insurer may be released from its obligation to perform for example if the trip abroad is undertaken for the purpose of receiving medical treatment or in the event of deliberately induced illnesses or consequences of accidents Please consult § 5 AVB-R to see which benefits are actually excluded from insurance cover.
5. What should you observe when concluding your policy?
You have no special obligations at the time of or prior to conclusion of the policy which would have negative consequences in the event of non-observance thereof. In this context, we simply request you to complete the application carefully to ensure that you are not affected by inconveniences during the policy period due to incorrect data.
6. What should you observe during the policy period?
You have no obligations to observe during the policy period except for after the occurrence of an insured event. The obligations to be observed in this case are set down under §§ 9 and 11 of the AVB-R.

7. What must you observe when claiming?
When requested to do so by us please provide us with all the information and documents we require for our assessment. It is also important that you send us all documents regarding the insured event at the latest by the end of the third month after the trip abroad has ended. §§ 9 and 11 of the AVB-R, Part 1 contains further obligations to be observed by you in the event of a claim; any breach according to § 10 and 11, para. 3 AVB-R can give rise to the insurer being released from its entire obligation to perform.
8. When does your insurance cover begin and when does it end?
Insurance cover attaches at the point in time applied for and documented in the certificate of insurance and upon payment of the single premium. The policy ends by implication upon expiry of the insured period of travel or end of the trip, at the latest however upon expiry of the maximum insurable period of travel of 365 days.
9. When can you terminate your policy?
As the policy makes provisions for a maximum policy period of 365 days, it cannot be duly cancelled.
Please note that the information provided here is not complete. It provides an initial overview of the product on offer. The content and scope of the policy shall be based on the certificate of insurance, any subsequent written agreements, on the General terms and Conditions of insurance and on statutory provisions.