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Care Expatriate - Health insurance abroad for expatriates

Care Expatriate - Health insurance abroad for expatriates

Care Expatriate

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Please provide us with the following information so that we can offer you the best plan appropriate to your desires and needs.

Step 1: Trip details

Information about stay abroadInformation about stay abroad

? Your permanent residency is the country in which you resided and lived your social and professionalife before the start of the trip.

? Select as the country of destination the country in which you will mainly be residing during the duration of the insurance coverage.Please note that, under this plan, different premiums and policy terms and conditions for stays in the USA, Mexico and Canada apply.

? If the exact date of entry/departure (start of the trip) is not known, please select the anticipated date of entry/departure.
For travel to Germany: Date when you first entered Germany. Please note that you may only take out foreign travel health insurance coverage for a maximum of 5 years, including prior insurance coverage with another insurer, as the case may be. The insurance coverage is for temporary stays in Germany, meaning you do not intend to stay in Germany for a longer period of time or on a permanent basis. For this type of insurance, a maximum duration of coverage of 60 months is permitted by German law (taking similar policies into account, including policies with other insurers).

Reason for stay abroad

Reason for stay abroad

Health insuranceDetails of insurance coverage requested

? If you would like coverage for more than 60 months, please select 60 months here. Once the policy has expired, you have the option of extending it by another 60 months.

Insured personInsured person


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Care Expatriate x

Type of insurance: Foreign health insurance for expatriates

Insurable persons: Emigrants, expatriates, residents, long-term trips

Entry age: 0-74 years

Duration: 3 - 60 months

Care Expatriate


  • Complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment
  • Preventive examinations, medication and medical aids (Comfort, Premium)
  • Insurance coverage in home country up to 30 days (Basic), 45 days (Comfort), 90 days (Premium)
*For a complete list of benefits see the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTI).