Care Visa Protect - Affordable health insurance abroad for foreign visitors with a visa

Care Visa Protect - Affordable health insurance abroad for foreign visitors with a visa


Care Visa Protect | Travel health insurance for foreign guests

For a complete list of benefits see the insurance conditions (AVB).

Why does the foreign guest need insurance?

Many foreign citizens who spend time in Germany, in the EU, Switzerland or Liechtenstein often have no or inadequate insurance cover. Unfortunately, illnesses and accidents cannot been tirely avoided and can incur substantial financial sacrifices.

Regardless whether you are travelling privately or on business, the foreign travel insurance policy of Care Visa Protect will cover the costs of any required medical treatment.

Scope of insurance coverage/Duration

The insurance Care Visa Protect applies only for stays with a visa in the member states of the European Union and the Schengen States. You can choose a term of insurance from one day up to 92 days or in case of "multiple visa" for any number of travels for a maximum period of up to 92 days per insured year.

Summary of benefits

We refund documented costs in case of illness or accident in Germany and all EU Countries for

  • outpatient treatment by doctors and medical specialists
  • Inpatient treatment in the hospital
  • pain-deadening dental treatment incl. simple fillings and repair of existing dental prosthesis
  • medically prescribed medications, dressings and remedies
  • transport to the nearest hospital
  • transport in case of death of an insured person/burial costs up to EUR 10,000.00
  • costs of medically appropriate return to own country on doctor's orders
  • maximum benefit per contract EUR 50,000.00
Important notes
  • Insurance ends with completion of the 75rd year of life.
  • The insurance policy proves the insurance cover you applied for. In addition, you will receive an insurance confirmation and treatment certificates after processing your application.
What is not insured - exclusion from coverage

The insurer is not liable to perform in cases

  • of illnesses, complaints and consequences of accidents that already exist, or are known, on commencement of cover or renewal and the consequences of such illnesses and accidents that have been treated within the last six months before commencement of cover or renewal.

You will find a detailed description of benefits in the insurance conditions. In addition to general policy terms, only the German version of this tariff is legally obligatory.

Yearly premium

If you are going to enter Germany or any other country of the EU by "multiple visa" numerously within one year, you are able to insure yourself with the tariff "Care Visa Protect" for a yearly premium of EUR 110.00 or rather EUR 215.00.

Premium overview Care Visa Protect
Single premium health insurance
up to 64 years of age 65 - 74 Years
Minimum premium per person: €8.50
Yearly premium health insurance "Multiple Visa" In case of multiple entries within one year with one visa, we speak of multiple visas
for any number of travels for a maximum period of up to 92 days per insured year
up to 64 years of age 65 - 74 Years

Accident insurance or accident-/liability insurance package

The treatment costs for accident injuries are covered by the health insurance. Long-term invalidity risks can only be covered by an accident insurance policy. We therefore recommend that you take out an accident and liability policy.

Liability insurance protects you against claims for damages from third parties.
Accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of a decline in your ability to work due to disability or death following an accident.

In addition to health insurance we offer – in a legally independent policy – personal liability insurance or a personal liability/accident insurance package with the following benefits:

Personal liability insurance Type S Type M Type XL
Lump sum coverage for personal injury and property damage Type S: EUR 1 Mio. Type M: EUR 2 Mio. Type XL: EUR 2.5 Mio.
Deportation costs to cover legal obligations of the policyholder against German authorities Type S: EUR 1,000 Type M: EUR 2,000 Type XL: EUR 3,000
Co-insurance of damage to rented property for immovable objects, deductible 10%, minimum EUR 250.00 per claim Type S: EUR 10,000 Type M: EUR 25,000 Type XL: EUR 50,000
Loss-of-key coverage for private dwellings (i.e. room or apartment), deductible EUR 100.00 per claim
Type S: - Type M: - Type XL: EUR 1,000
Professional liability Type S: - Type M: - Type XL: up to EUR 25,000.00
Loss of receivables insurance Type S: - Type M: - Type XL: up to EUR 10,000.00
Coverage in home country
(from one year term)
Type S: - Type M: - Type XL: 6 weeks
General deductible per claim Type S: EUR 250 Type M: EUR 0 Type XL: EUR 0
Accident insurance Type S Type M Type XL
Basic disability benefit Type S: - Type M: EUR 30,000 Type XL: EUR 40,000
Maximum disability benefit with a degree of disability of 350% Type S: - Type M: EUR 105,000 Type XL: EUR 140,000
Death benefit in the event of accidental death Type S: - Type M: EUR 15,000 Type XL: EUR 25,000
Rescue costs following an accident Type S: - Type M: EUR 7,500 Type XL: EUR 10,000
Cosmetic operations due to an accident Type S: - Type M: EUR 2,500 Type XL: EUR 5,000
Monthly premium* Type S: EUR 2 Type M: EUR 4 Type XL: EUR 7.50
* The premium must be paid as a one-time premium for the entire duration of coverage. Insurance coverage is only provided when the insurance premium has been paid in full.
For a complete list of benefits see the Terms and conditions of liability/accident insurance.

Legal note: The information contained in this publication does not constitute the basis of any contract, but rather serves solely as to provide a product overview/description. Only the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and the policy terms and conditions, upon which your contract is based, are legally binding.

Please note that the English translation is offered as a service for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German version.

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