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Liability- and accident insurance
Designelement 1: Liability- and accident insurance Who can take out liability/-accident insurance?
Designelement 1: Liability- and accident insurance Termination of policy
Designelement 1: Liability- and accident insurance Information in event of claim or illness
Designelement 1: Liability- and accident insurance General insurance conditions
Who can be insured with Care Protector coverage?
  • foreign nationals with permanent residency abroad traveling temporarily to Germany, Austria, EU countries-, Schengen-states, Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • German or Austrian nationals, as well as EU-, Schengen-states, Swiss or Liechtenstein nationals with permanent residency in Germany or Austria traveling abroad temporarily
  • other nationals during a stay abroad, provided that their place of residency has been in Germany or Austria for at least two years

Persons not insurable despite payment of premiums are individuals who:

  • have entered the country illegally and
  • persons who, in addition and regarding accident insurance, are in constant need of care and mentally persons.
Policy termination

The policy expires at the agreed upon point in time, at the end of the stay, when the conditions of a temporary stay are no longer fulfilled or when the prerequisites for eligibility no longer exist.

Duration of coverage

The minimum duration is 1 month; the maximum period is 60 months.

Information in the event of a claim

Please send all claims notifications, specifying the insured person's policy number and including original copies of invoiced to

Care Concept AG® | Postfach 30 02 62 | 53182 Bonn
Phone: 0800 9773500 or +49 228 97735-0 (German landline number) | Fax: 0800 9773535 or +49 228 97735-35

Please always carry your insurance card with you in case any potential emergencies should arise. This card was sent to you via regular mail. Our telephone number is stated on the card. If you should have any questions about your coverage or issues, you can call the service numbers listed above (free of charge if calling the German landline number).

For personal liability claims
In the event of liability claims no acceptance of fault should be indicated to the injured party. Care Concept AG® will alone investigate if any party is at fault.

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