Care Austria - Health insurance for travelers, visitors, students, language students, working holiday, au pairs in Austria

In brief

Insurable persons

Recognized by all Austrian Authorities Persons who do not possess Austrian citizenship and who did not hold permanent residency in Austria prior to departure are insurable during their stay in the Republic of Austria. The maximum entry age is 74.
There is a particularly attractive premium for individuals between 12 and 35 years of age who are staying in Austria for the broader purpose of training and further education courses. (students, language school participants, language students, language school/course visitors, college prep course students, guest scientists, Working Holiday, Work and Travel, au pairs, interns, volunteers.)

Scope of insurance coverage
  • Care Austria
    The insurance is valid for stays in the Republic of Austria and offers additional coverage in all EU countries.
  • Care Austria 364
    The insurance is only valid during a limited stay of a maximum of 364 days in Austria.

Advigon Versicherung AG, Drescheweg 1, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Duration of coverage
  • Care Austria unlimited
    The minimum duration of coverage is 1 month. No maximum period exists.
  • Care Austria 364
    The minimum duration of coverage in the Care Austria 364 international health insurance plan is one month. The maximum period is 364 days, including all policy extensions.
Care Austria - All benefits at a glance*
Health insurance
Benefits* Care Austria Care Austria 364
online application
reimbursement analogous to the Austrian health insurance provider, in the event that deviations from the general terms and conditions of insurance (GTCI) arise Yes
medically prescribed medications and dressings Yes
inpatient treatment in private and public hospitals in the standard care class - shared room - without optional extra benefits Yes
patient transport to the nearest hospital for inpatient treatment Yes
outpatient medical treatment, also with free choice of doctor Yes
pregnancy examinations and treatments, at the beginning of pregnancy after commencement of insurance coverage or the start of extension of coverage Yes
simple medically prescribed aids Yesup to max. EUR 2,500.00
screening for early detection of diabetes as well as cancer, cardiovascular, and kidney diseases Yes up to max. EUR 500.00
medically prescribed radiation/light/other physical treatments, massages, physiotherapy Yesup to max. EUR 1,500.00
psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatments Yesup to max. EUR 1,500.00
medically necessary dental treatment incl. simple fillings Yes
annual dental check-ups including dental cleaning Yes
medically necessary dental prosthesis costs (after submission of a treatment plan and cost estimate; waiting period 8 months) Yes80 % up to EUR 750.00
necessary dental prosthesis costs as a result of an accident (after submission of a treatment plan and cost estimate) Yesup to max. EUR 3,000.00
medically advisable, medically prescribed repatriation Yes
repatriation/burial costs in event of death of the insured person Yesup to max. EUR 25,000.00
no deductible Yes
extended liability period Yes4 weeks
medical treatment costs for visits to the home country.
If there is no notification of the visit only 50% of the maximum reimbursable costs, according to the policy terms and conditions.
YesTerm of insurance less than 4 months max. 14 days; Term of insurance more than 4 months max. 28 days
insurance coverage in the EU Care Austria 364: Yesunlimited Care Austria: Yes30 Days
guaranteed fix premium rates for stays for continued education/training purposes (Care Austria Education) Care Austria 364: Yes6 Years Care Austria:

*The insurance coverage results exclusively from the insurance policy, possibly from separate written agreements and the GTCI. This brief information does not claim to be complete or accurate.

Take out your insurance coverage

Take out the insurance online: online application.

Premium overview Care Austria (unlimited)
Health insurance
Care Austria Education*1 Care Austria Standard*2
Age 12 - 35 Years 0 - 49 Years 50 - 64 Years 65 - 74 Years

*1 The discount group benefits students, language school participants, visiting academics, Working Holiday and Work 'n' Travel participants, au pairs, interns and trainees. The premium is guaranteed for six years, provided that the conditions for obtaining the discount continue to exist.
*2 The premiums can be increased every four years, the earliest date being January 1, 2024.

Premium overview Care Austria 364*
Health insurance
Care Austria 364 Education*3 Care Austria 364 Standard
Age 12 - 35 Years 0 - 64 Years 65 - 74 Years

* The premium rates are guaranteed as fixed rates for the entire duration of coverage.
*3 Students, language school participants, visiting academics, Working Holiday and Work ‘n’ Travel participants, au pairs, interns and trainees are eligible for coverage.

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