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Step 1: Become a member of ISPA e.V.

The ISPA e.V. membership is completely free of charge and expires at the end of your stay abroad or at the end of your chosen term od insurance automatically without the requirement of termination.

Step 2: Get your membership certificate

Once you have successfully applied to ISPA e.V., you will immediatelly receive an e-mail confirming your membership. In this e-mail you will get your personal link to the Care Discover online application.

Step 3: Apply for your international health insurance Care Discover

Fill out the application form, check your entries and submit your Care Discover application. Payment is possible via PayPal or credit/debit card.

Step 4: Get your insurance documents

Once you have successfully applied for Care Discover, you will receive an e-mail confirming your insurance coverage within a few minutes. You can directly use your insurance documents for visa offices, embassies and authorities.

Step 1: Become a member of ISPA e.V.

Take out Care Discover health insurance

Dear prospective customer,

we appreciate your interest in our international health insurance for your stay abroad.

Why health insurance is so important when you’re abroad

Apart from the substantial financial risks you run, for example on being hospitalised abroad, evidence of qualified health insurance is often enough a condition for entry or a longer-term stay in many countries (e.g. Schengen visa, requirements of the immigration authorities in Germany, requirements of the State Department or universities in the USA).

For that reason, ISPA e.V. has developed an especially high-quality health insurance scheme for you together with Care Concept AG, based in Bonn, which with its special products provides health insurance across the world for more than 100,000 people every year.

A condition for concluding this insurance cover is free membership in the association, ISPA e.V., because it involves a contract under German law with all the corresponding German consumer protection regulations.

Who is ISPA e.V. and what does it do?

ISPA e.V. is a German association committed to the interests of people travelling internationally. Among other things, ISPA e.V. offers fair and powerful health insurance cover for all people staying abroad temporarily.

Membership in ISPA e.V.

Your membership in ISPA e.V. is complete and free of charge without limitations. The membership ends automatically at the end of your trip abroad or the end of the insurance cover. You do not need to cancel it.

We thank you in anticipation for your trust.

Step 1: ISPA e.V. - membership

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After having filled out the online form, you will receive a confirmation by email. With your membership in ISPA e.V. you can accede to the existing group policy with the Care Discover product.

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