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Description of full health insurance coverage Care Student
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Designelement zur Studentenversicherung
Why take out health insurance coverage for your stay in Germany?

As a student in Germany, you need good health insurance coverage. This also applies to doctoral students, preparatory college students and participants in pre-university language courses. It is always possible that you become ill or that you have an accident, which can be very expensive. With Care Student coverage you are optimally insured against medical expenses. Care Student is private, comprehensive health insurance.

Students in Germany: Care Student health insurance!

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If you would like to enroll as a student at a German university or college, you have to provide proof that you have adequate health insurance coverage. Care Student health insurance was developed precisely for this purpose: It offers all the advantages of private health insurance for students at German universities/colleges – and all this at a lower premium than one would pay for public student health insurance.

The best thing about Care Student: For univeristy students, school students or interns, our health insurance even offers coverage when visiting your home country or when traveling – unlimited coverage in other European countries. Insurance coverage in countries outside Europe (incl. home country) is provided for the first 4 weeks per trip/stay.

For school students, interns or participants in pre-university further education courses in Germany: Care Student health insurance!

Prospective students who are taking part in pre-university language courses, doing an internship or attending a preparatory college in preparation for their studies as well as boarding school students and doctoral students can take out comprehensive health insurance coverage with Care Student.

Product description Care Student plan

The following benefits are provided:

  • Outpatient treatment by a doctor
    The costs are reimbursed up to 2.3 times the basic rate according to the German Schedule of Fees for Doctors/Dentists (GOÄ/GOZ).
  • In-patient treatment at a hospital (standard care class - multiple-bed rooms - no optional benefits) and delivery
  • Outpatient rehabilitation measures max. 20 days of treatment
  • Patient transport to the nearest suitable doctor or hospital, 100% covered
  • Prescription drugs and dressings, 100% covered (if the same active ingredient is used, one of the three cheapest drugs must be chosen)
  • Remedies 100 % covered
  • Medical aids prescribed by doctors (analogous to the GKV's list of aids), 100% covered. Visual aids not included.
  • Medically prescribed outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment at 70% (max. 50 sessions per calendar year)
  • Pregnancy examinations and treatments; delivery
  • Dental treatment is paid at 100% up to 500 euro, thereafter at 50% per calendar year.
  • Dentures and orthodontics are reimbursed at 50% up to 500 euro per calendar year.
  • Insurance coverage within Europe
  • Insurance coverage in home country/third country
    • in the first month of each trip outside Europe
    • unlimited coverage within Europe
  • There is a daily hospital allowance of 25 EUR per day (max. for 20 days per calendar year) for medically necessary inpatient treatment (from the 15th day).
  • There is a recovery allowance of EUR 1,500 (for hospital stays of at least 14 days and subsequent incapacity to work) with subsequent incapacity for work (a total of at least 90 days).
  • If the maximum duration of coverage of 60 months or the maximum age of 35 is reached, you will continue to be covered under the KVS1 plan of HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG without the need to undergo another medical examination. This also applies in the event that you should discontinue your studies, but continue to stay in Germany.

The plan provides for a general deductible of 300 euro per calendar year. If the coverage does not begin on January 1 of a calendar year, the deductible will be reduced by 1/12 for each uninsured month.

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance as well as the conditions for your specific rate for the exact scope of benefits.

How much does the insurance cost?

The monthly premium varies depending on the age of the insured person. Between the ages of 12-29 you pay 69.62 euro per month. From the age of 30 the health insurance premium is 95.68 euro per month. As a student subject to mandatory insurance coverage, you have to book the mandatory long-term care insurance in addition to the health insurance. You will find the respective monthly premium in the following overview:

Premium list private health insurance Care Student
Age Health insurance for students Nursing insurance for students Total
Age: 12-29 Years Health insurance for students: 69,62 € / Month Nursing insurance for students:*25,97 € / Month Total:95,59 € / Month
Age: 30-34 Years Health insurance for students: 95,68 € / Month Nursing insurance for students:*25,97 € / Month Total:121,65 € / Month

*The compulsory nursing care insurance is only due for persons who are subject to compulsory social insurance (e.g. registered students).

Information on insurance coverage
  1. Who can insure themselves with Care Student?
    This plan was developed for students at state, state-recognized or private universities. Foreigner nationals can insure themselves through Care Student to carry out training or further education courses at approved universities and institutions. Prospective students who take part in pre-university language courses, etc. as well as doctoral students and boarding school students are also eligible for this coverage. The insured person must be at least 12 years old and not older than 34 at the start of coverage. The policyholder, i.e. the contract holder, must be at least 18 years old. For example, for students or pupils under 18 years of age, only one parent can take out the coverage.
  2. Scope of insurance coverage
    The insurance is valid during your stay in Germany. The same applies to student insurance in other European countries. Insured stays in the home country and in third countries (non-European) are each possible in the first 4 weeks of a trip.
  3. How is the coverage taken out?
    The online application process is completed in three simple steps:
    1. Step: Form requesting a few personal details
    2. Step: Online health questionnaire
    3. Step: Submission of additional information – contact and insurance details
    Once you have completed all three steps of the online application process, you will receive an e-mail within a short period of time containing the result of your application assessment.
    We offer a special service with this plan for new students and other persons who are required to make social security contributions: We will also take care of your exemption from mandatory insurance coverage and send you the confirmation of exemption you require for enrollment as quickly as possible.
    Should a positive plausibility check not be possible, we will contact you within two working days.
  4. Duration of insurance coverage
    The insurance policy is valid for the entire duration of the stay. It begins on the dates specified in the confirmation of coverage. Care Student coverage ends after 60 months. The plan is then subsequently adjusted to a KVS1 plan of HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG.
  5. Cancellation
    Termination of the contract is possible, for example
    • in the event of an early return to the home country (within Europe);
    • at the time of the adjustment into a KVS1 plan
    • at the end of two years, with a period of cancellation notice of three months to the end of the policy year (prerequisite: you must provide proof of equivalent insurance coverage!)

    Note: An early return to a home country outside Europe leads to an automatic termination of the contract; You must inform us of any changes to your stay. The insurance can be terminated at the earliest at the time at which Care Concept® AG receives the corresponding notification in text form.

If you have any further questions, you may contact Care Concept® AG at the following toll-free service numbers within Germany. We would be happy to help you.
Phone: +49 228 - 977 35 - 656+49 228 - 977 35 - 656  Fax: +49 228 97735911

Care Student - All benefits at a glance*
Health insurance
Benefits* Care Student
online application
Outpatient treatment by a doctor Ja
Inpatient treatment at a hospital (standard care class - multiple-bed rooms - no optional benefits) Ja
Prescription medications and transportation Ja
gynecological examinations and treatment Ja
Costs for treatment acc. to GOÄ/GOZ Jaup to 2.3 times the basic rate
Pregnancy examinations and treatments, delivery Ja
Dental treatment Jaup to EUR 500.00, thereafter 50% per calendar year
Dental prosthesis and orthodontics Ja50 % up to EUR 500.00 per calendar year
Medical aids and remedies (therapies: light, physical, ergo, speech, massage) Ja
Psychotherapy (outpatient) Jaat 70%, max. 50 meetings per calendar year
Daily hospital allowance (from the 15th day of a medically necessary hospital stay) JaEUR 25.00 EUR per day, max. 20 days per calendar year
Convalescence allowance (for a hospital stay of 14 days and subsequent incapacity for work, at least 90 calendar days total) JaEUR 1,500.00
Coverage in home country/abroad JaEurope; non-European countries in the first month of each trip
Deductible JaEUR 300.00 per calendar year
Guarantee of continued coverage Ja
Premium guarantee for the entire duration of coverage** Ja

*For a complete list of benefits see the general terms and conditions of insurance as well as the specific conditions for your rate.
**Applies only to health insurance, not to mandatory long-term care insurance. Exception: There is a jump in the premium at the age of 30.

Legal note: The information contained in this publication does not constitute the basis of any contract, but rather serves solely as to provide a product overview/description. Only the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and the policy terms and conditions, upon which your contract is based, are legally binding.

Please note that the English translation is offered as a service for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German version.

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