Studentenversicherung - - Public health insurance for students

Student insurance - - Public health insurance for students


Statutory health insurance for students
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Study carefree and enjoy excellent insurance all round!

If you would like to study in Germany, you must as a rule be insured via a statutory health insurance provider (please refer to: Extracts from the German Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuch)). We offer you the opportunity to insure yourself with a statutory health insurance provider. To make it easy for you, we can provide you with a special service: In order to enroll in a college or university, you need written confirmation of coverage from a public health insurance provider. We will organize that for you:

  • one-stop optimal insurance coverage from the very first day
  • foreign language support
  • an affordable contribution rate with outstanding service
It’s this simple.

With us you can enjoy complete insurance coverage starting from the very first day of the semester with all the added bonus points in benefits and services. Simply present your confirmation of coverage while enrolling, and the college/university will then report to the health insurance provider that you have started your studies.

Without this confirmation you cannot start your course of study!
If you should have any questions or need more information, you can contact us at the following toll free German landline numbers:
Phone: 0800 9773500
Fax: 0800 9773535

Otherwise dial:
Phone: + 49 228 97735-44
Fax: + 49 228 97735-944

Contribution overview statutory health insurance for students
Health insurance for students Long-term care insurance for students
Health insurance for students : €88.13 monthly contribution Nursing insurance for students :€22.94 per month or €25.57 (for persons without children 23 years old or older)
Exceptional in benefits and services offered

More than 200 health insurance providers (Krankenkassen) are available to choose from, and at first glance they all seem to be the same. DAK - Gesundheit has a more personal touch among the health insurance carriers – values like partnership, trust, proximity and security give our policyholders a good feeling.

Not only does this noticeable good feeling differentiate DAK - Gesundheit quite clearly from other health insurance providers, with us, a broad spectrum of excellent additional benefits is standard.

Treat yourself to this difference and enjoy the quality and services of DAK - Gesundheit with custom-made healthcare protection.

You’re in good hands with the services we provide.

  • Accessible around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Health Information Center with a team of experts
  • Individual support and advice from your personal contact person
  • Informative customer magazine
  • Expert long-term care place search service
  • Seminars concerning health topics
  • Over 100 local service points across Germany
  • Central quality and complaint management

You receive top coverage with excellent benefits.

  • Acupuncture for back and knee pain
  • Family and life partner coverage with no extra contribution
  • Health promotion and health courses
  • Care centered around family doctor - family doctor as guide
  • Indication-related education and prophylaxis programs
  • Individual health management
  • Consulting services and assistance regarding rehabilitation
  • Structured treatment programs for the chronically ill (DMP)
  • Trendsetting: tele-medicine for heart failure

We look after you well so you can feel safe.

  • Consultation days on different current healthcare topics
  • Family telephoning: qualified advice and assistance for the whole family
  • Cost transparency for dental prostheses: lower customer contribution through free of charge price comparison
  • "ReiseAktiv": save money on wellness and travel
  • Non-prescription drugs in online price comparison and mail-order partner pharmacies
  • Comprehensive consulting services (e.g. in the event of medical malpractice)
  • Ranked repeatedly among the top statutory health insurance providers
  • Additional private coverage – exclusive and to your advantage

When it comes to “service and benefits,” DAK - Gesundheit is ranked repeatedly at the top in nationwide comparison tests.

We are
Yesterday - today - tomorrow

* Note: the following overview of test certificates also shows former ratings that could be outdated through newer tests.
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Testsieger 1 gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Umfangreichste Zusatzversicherung
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Top Versorgung Testsieger gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Leistungssieger Krankenkassen
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Bester Service gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten 1. Platz
gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Auszeichnung geprüfte Kundenzufriedenheit gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für Studenten Zertifizierter Kundenservice

Lots of good reasons to come to us!

  • Because of the many benefits and comprehensive service you receive, such as our new optional plan rates - insurance coverage specific to your individual needs
  • Because of our accessibility: around the clock, 365 days a year

Legal note: The information contained in this publication does not constitute the basis of any contract, but rather serves solely as to provide a product overview/description. Only the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and the policy terms and conditions, upon which your contract is based, are legally binding.

Please note that the English translation is offered as a service for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German version.

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