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Statutory health insurance - Statutory health insurance for employees (DAK-Gesundheit)

In brief

Insurable persons

You can take out insurance if you are employed in Germany and subject to social insurance contributions. In general as an employee, you are required to insure yourself with statutory health insurance. Under certain conditions, you can also insure your family free of charge via family insurance. Only if you earn more than EUR 5775 gross per month as an employee, do you have the choice between private and statutory health insurance. You can apply with us for membership in the statutory health insurance DAK-Gesundheit quickly and easily online.

Scope of insurance coverage

Statutory health insurance applies in Germany. In countries of the EU and the EEA, treatment costs are also covered up to the amount that would be incurred in Germany.



Duration of coverage

The insurance begins or ends, for example, with employment. If the insurance relationship remains unchanged, you can cancel after 12 months at the earliest.


In Germany, the contribution to the statutory health insurance is automatically deducted from your gross salary.
With DAK-Gesundheit coverage, it amounts to 16.3%. Half is paid by you and half by your employer.
In addition, there is the statutory long-term care insurance with a contribution of 3.40% if you have a child and 4.00% if you do not have children.
If you are the main wage earner and you meet the conditions, you can also insure your family free of charge via family insurance.

Statutory health insurance for employees - All benefits at a glance
Health insurance*
Benefits Statutory health insurance for employees
All services provided by law at the doctor's office, hospital, pharmacy or rehabilitation facility Ja
Cost coverage of 90% for travel vaccinations Ja
Free online coaching Ja
€60.00 allowance for professional dental cleaning Ja
Subsidies for alternative healing methods such as acupuncture or osteopathy Ja
Around-the-clock telephone service Ja
Nationwide service centers Ja
24/7 medical hotline Ja
Bonus programs Ja
Deductible per insured event

*For a complete list of benefits please see the insurance terms and conditions.

Take out your insurance coverage

Apply for your insurance quickly and easily online by entering some details in our online application. DAK-Gesundheit will then contact you as soon as possible to arrange your membership.

The exact scope of benefits can be found in the legal provisions of the German Social Security Code (SGB) and in your contract documents.

Legal note: The information contained in this publication does not constitute the basis of any contract, but rather serves solely as to provide a product overview/description. Only the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and the policy terms and conditions, upon which your contract is based, are legally binding.

Please note that the English translation is offered as a service for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German version.

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