Care College - Affordable health insurance for language school participants & students

Care College - Affordable health insurance for language school participants & students

In brief

Insurable persons

For the purposes of training and further education foreign nationals traveling to Germany or in the EU or Schengen-States (except Austria), foreign nationals living in Germany or Austria and intending to travel abroad temporarily - except to the USA, Canada and Mexico, German and Austrian nationals traveling abroad temporarily – except to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Maximum age upon commencement of coverage: 35.

*Examples: language school participants, foreign students in German universities/colleges and German preparatory colleges (Studienkolleg), visiting scientists/specialists, DSH preparation course attendees, Work &Travel and Working Holiday travelers.

Scope of insurance coverage

The insurance coverage applies only during the stay in Germany, the EU/Schengen states (except Austria) or abroad, as applicable (except USA, Canada, and Mexico).
Foreign countries are deemed to be all countries worldwide, with the exception of all national territories, of which the insured person holds citizenship and/or in which s/he maintains permanent residency before departure of the trip abroad.


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Duration of coverage

Minimum contract period: 1 month. Maximum duration of coverage: 5 years (incl. extensions).

Care College Basic/-Comfort/-Premium -
All benefits at a glance
Health insurance
Benefits* Care College Basic Care College Comfort Care College Premium
Basic: online application Comfort: online application Premium: online application
world-wide emergency services Basic: Ja Comfort: Ja Premium: Ja
prescription medications and ambulance services Basic: Ja Comfort: Ja Premium: Ja
inpatient treatment in the hospital (standard care class - multiple-bed rooms - no optional benefits) Basic: Ja Comfort: Ja Premium: Ja
gynecological examinations and treatment Basic: JaEUR 50.00 deductible Comfort: JaEUR 25.00 deductible Premium: Ja
costs for treatment acc. GOÄ/GOZ Basic: Jaup to 1.8 times the basic rate in the fee schedule Comfort: Jaup to 2.3 times the basic rate in the fee schedule Premium: Jaup to 2.3 times the basic rate in the fee schedule
prescription accident-related medical aids (basic version) Basic: Jaup to EUR 250.00 Comfort: Ja up to EUR 250.00 Premium: Ja 100 %
additional costs for medically advisable repatriation Basic: Jaup to EUR 10,000.00 Comfort: Ja100 % Premium: Ja100%
analgesic dental treatment (treatment and cost estimate plan required if more than two teeth treated) Basic: Ja 100 % (up to EUR 250.00 - above that 50 %) Comfort: Ja 100 % (up to EUR 500.00 - above that 50 %) Premium: Jaup to 100 %
repatriation/burial costs in event of death of the insured person Basic: Jaup to EUR 25,000.00 Comfort: Jaup to EUR 25,000.00 Premium: Jaup to EUR 25,000.00
deductible per insured event Basic: JaEUR 50.00 Comfort: Jaonly for gynaecologists Premium: -
extended liability period Basic: Ja4 weeks Comfort: Ja4 weeks Premium: Ja8 weeks
cost for dental prosthesis (within 2 years of insurance term, qualifying period:8 months) Basic: - Comfort: Ja50 % up to EUR 500.00 Premium: Ja70 % up to EUR 1,000.00
refund if no claims in one policy year Basic: - Comfort: Ja1.5 months' premium Premium: Ja2 months' premium
sick pay in event of a severe illness/disease upon request: Basic: - Comfort: JaEUR 1,500.00/insurance year Premium: JaEUR 2,500.00/insurance year
upon request: costs for transport for a visiting family member in case of inpatient treatment at a hospital for more than 14 days Basic: - Comfort: Ja EUR 500.00 Premium: Ja EUR 1,250.00
visual aids (up to EUR 100.00, 3 months qualifying period) Basic: - Comfort: - Premium: Ja
daily hospital allowance (all in EUR 100.00 for hospital stays exceeding 14 days) Basic: - Comfort: - Premium: Ja
accident-related dental prosthesis up to max. EUR 2,500.00 Basic: - Comfort: - Premium: Ja

*For a complete list of benefits please see the insurance terms and conditions.

Take out your insurance coverage

Take out your international health insurance online online application.

Premium overview Care College
Product Care College Basic Care College Comfort Care College Premium
EUR / Month 28.0051.0035.0059.0063.0083.00

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