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Foreign Travel Health Insurance - Tariff CARE Travel (USA) / Care Amerika
General Terms and Conditions of Insurance Part I (AVB-R) and Part II (tariff description) for medical and daily hospital benefits insurance during travels

Part II : Tariff description – Medical costs tariff for medical treatment during travels
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Part II: Tariff description - Medical costs tariff for medical treatment during travels

A. Scope of insurance benefits

I. Reimbursement of expenses incurred abroad at 100% without maximum limit for

  1. Medical treatment including doctor’s travelling expenses and taxi costs to a doctor if there is no doctor practising at the place of sojourn;
  2. Medicines and dressings / bandages;
  3. Remedies prescribed by a doctor;
  4. Walking aids prescribed by a doctor and wheelchair rental required as part of medical treatment following an accident; (notwithstanding § 5 g) Remedies specified under AVB-R, Part 1.
  5. X-rays, radiotherapy and diagnosis;
  6. Hospital treatment; medical treatment costs can be claimed to the amount of the General Hospital Services without optional benefits and services (private medical treatment and better accommodation) if optional benefits and services are offered at the destination of travel.
  7. Transportation costs to the nearest suitable hospital; and from the accident location;
  8. Pain-relieving dental treatment and simple fillings. Repairs to existing dental prosthesis, but not the production of new dental prosthesis of any kind including inlays, onlays or orthodontic services.
  9. A daily allowance during hospitalisation will be paid instead of cost remuneration for in-patient treatment abroad, providing no cost claims are submitted, amounting to EUR 25.00 per day.

II. Notwithstanding § 5 , para. 1 d , the costs of outpatient or inpatient psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatment by doctors shall be assumed once up to EUR 500.00
III. Reimbursement of additional costs of repatriation to the nearest suitable hospital at the place of residence of the insured person at 100% provided that the medical treatment

  1. is medically necessary and justifiable and
  2. organised by the Insurer or its Assistance or the Insurer has already given its prior consent.

Return transportation makes medical sense especially in cases where

  • hospital treatment abroad according to the forecast of the attending physician at the hospital in question shall exceed 14 days or
  • the costs of treatment abroad are anticipated to exceed the costs of repatriation.

The decision whether repatriation makes medical sense and is justifiable shall be decided by a consultant doctor of the Insurer or its Assistance which consults the attending doctor at the temporary location of the patient.

If only the preconditions of Section 1 exist then the additional costs of

  • repatriation within Europe shall be reimbursed only up to an amount of EUR 5,000.00.
  • Repatriation from outside of Europe shall be reimbursed only up to an amount of EUR 10,000.00.

IV. In addition, we shall reimburse the costs of:

  • repatriation of deceased persons from Europe up to EUR 5,000.00.
  • from other foreign countries up to EUR 10,000.00.

In the event of participation in J1 and J2 exchange programmes coordinated by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State, the costs of repatriation will be reimbursed up to the amount prescribed for the procurement of the visa.

All repatriations of deceased persons must be agreed with the insurer.

V. Excess
All listed benefits and services paid by the insurer for an insured person are reduced per insured event by an excess of EUR 50.

B. Assistance Services
  1. Mediation of medical assistance
    If an insured person is taken ill whilst travelling abroad, AXA Krankenversicherung AG will provide information, upon request, regarding the possibilities of obtaining medical treatment and shall – if necessary – establish the contact between the general practitioner and the doctor and / or hospital administering treatment. The ensuing costs shall also be carried by the insurer.
  2. Organisation of assistance.
  3. Declaration of acceptance of costs on location, e.g. for repatriation, repatriation of deceased persons among other things.

Upon conclusion of your Foreign Travel Health Insurance you will be provided with an emergency medical helpline number.

C: Premiums and fees

Table of premiums (in EUR) up to the age of 60
Per person and day of travel: from 1 to a maximum of 365 days of travel, EUR 3.82 per day, however at least EUR 8.50
Table of premiums (in EUR) from the age of 61
Per person and day of travel: from 1 to a maximum of 365 days of travel, EUR 16.14 per day, however at least EUR 8.50
  1. The tariff rate shall be based upon the respective age of the insured person. Age is defined as the difference between the current year and the year of birth.
  2. The premiums are single premiums payable upon conclusion of the insurance policy.
  3. Payment of premiums can be either be arranged by SEPA direct debit transfer (see § 8, para. 2 AVB-R), by creditcard or PayPal.
  4. Should it not be possible to use the SEPA direct debit facility through the fault of the policyholder, the insurance company can demand reimbursement of any bank charges thus incurred.
D: Eligibility

All persons with a permanent place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany or in Austria who are only staying abroad for a temporary period of time are eligible for insurance according to this tariff.

E. Territorial scope

Insurance cover shall extend to include medical treatment received abroad. Abroad is deemed to be all countries world-wide, with the exception of those territories for which the insured person holds citizenship and / or in which they have a permanent place of residence immediately before commencement of the trip abroad.

In the event of a temporary return to the home country and subject to notification by the policyholder, the continuation of the insurance coverage and extension of coverage to include the insured party's homecountry for up to a maximum period of 4 weeks shall be deemed to be agreed.

F. Policy term

Insurance cover shall commence at the point intime specified in the insurance certificate. An extension of insurance cover beyond the agreed term shall require the express written agreement of the insurer or of its cooperation partner (Care Concept AG) The regulations governing the time of commencement of the insurance cover according to § 2 AVB-R Part I shall apply correspondingly to any period of extension.

G. Other Terms and Conditions

The supplementary conclusion of the CARE Travel USA / Care Amerika tariff as an extension or as previous insurance to further foreign travel health insurance cover provided by tariffs of AXA Krankenversicherung AG or other insurers is not possible.

Valid in conjunction with AVB-R Part I General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. Valid from 07.2016

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