Care Amerika - Affordable health insurance abroad for USA, Canada, Mexico

Care Amerika / Travel USA - Affordable health insurance abroad

In brief

Insurable persons

The insurance is available for persons with permanent place of abode in Germany or Austria, who are staying temporarily abroad (max. 1 year), especially for business and private travellers.

Scope of insurance coverage

The insurance Care Amerika*/Care Travel USA applies only during the stay abroad, as applicable.


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Duration of coverage

Minimum term of insurance: 1 day. Maximum insurance period: 365 days (incl. renewals). As an extension requires approval of the insurer within the 365 days, we recommend that you conclude the contract for the entire travel time at the outset.

Care Amerika*/Care Travel USA - All benefits at a glance
Health insurance
Benefits* Care Travel
outpatient treatment by doctors and medical specialists Ja
medically prescribed medications, dressings and remedies Ja
Transportation for inpatient treatment to the nearest suitable hospital Ja
Inpatient treatment in hospital of your choice Ja
pain-relieving dental treatment incl. simple fillings and repair of dental prosthesis Ja
medically advisable repatriation Ja
Costs of outpatient or inpatient psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic treatment by psychiatrists–EUR 500 maximum (one-time payment) Ja
transport in case of death/burial costs abroad up to € 10,000
In the event of participation in J1 and J2 exchange programmes coordinated by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State, the costs of repatriation will be reimbursed up to the amount prescribed for the procurement of the visa.
secondary liability in case a patient is not moveable Ja
deductible : €50.00 €50.00
Co-insurance of pre-existing conditions with exception of illnesses and accidents, for whose treatment the trip abroad takes place, as well as for treatments in which it was clear at departure that they had to take place if the journey was accomplished as scheduled. Ja
home leave (Care Concept AG requires prior written notification of the home country stay.) up to 4 weeks

*For a complete list of benefits please see the insurance terms and conditions.

Premium overview | Care Amerika
Age Scope of insurance coverage Premium per day
Age:up to 60 years of age Scope of insurance coverage:worldwide including US, CA, MX Premium per day: €3.82 / Day
Age:61 years + Scope of insurance coverage:worldwide including US, CA, MX Premium per day: €16.14 / Day
Minimum premium per person: €8.50
Take out your insurance coverage

Take out the insurance online: Online application .

*The product Care Amerika corresponds to the product Care Travel in its version for traveling into the USA, Canada, Mexico.

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