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Welcome to the My Care Concept customer portal: Registration

Thank you for choosing to use our customer portal. In the future, you will be able to manage your policies quickly and easily online.

Please enter your personal details here and choose a password as secure as possible as well as two personal security questions. These are needed in case you forget your password and want to create a new one.

In the next step you need to create a second factor for security reasons in order to log in.

Customer service portal RegistrationWatch tips on how to register your customer portal account in the form of an explainer video. My Care Concept Customer Portal Explanatory Videos


By clicking on the adjacent box, you declare that you have read and agree to the following conditions. You also confirm that you have provided all information completely, thoroughly and correctly. In addition, you are authorized to submit all declarations/statements/information and are fully informed of their submission. If this is not the case at any point, you have indicated this.
I confirm that I am not a referrer, or the like thereof. Registration is then not possible!

I am aware that personal data is collected, processed and stored in this customer portal.

I hereby affirm that I am authorized to submit and receive this data.
In particular, I am aware that by linking the e-mail address entered, its owner may also become aware of health-related information.