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Online application

Who is eligible for coverage?

Care Austria health insurance is tailored to meet the special needs of foreign nationals in Austria.
There are two different plans:

  • Care Austria with an unlimited duration of coverage as well as additional insurance coverage in the EU and
  • Care Austria 364 for stays in Austria up to 364 days

Both plans also offer a particularly affordable premium for stays for educational/training purposes (visiting school students, scholarship holders, doctoral candidates, students, language school participants as well as participants in international projects at universities/colleges, exchange programs and language courses).
Care Austria:

  • Health insurance for international students in Austria
  • Health insurance for international au pairs in Austria
  • Health insurance for international visitors in Austria
  • Health insurance for international expats in Austria

If you are staying in Austria for the purpose of (further) education/training courses and are between 12 and 35 years old, you will benefit from a particularly affordable premium (Care Austria Education/Care Austria 364 Education).
For all other stays, Care Austria Standard/Care Austria 364 Standard offers comprehensive insurance coverage. The maximum age of entry is 74 years old.

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What are the insurance benefits?

Recognized by all Austrian AuthoritiesThe range of benefits is identical in Care Austria and Care Austria 364 and includes outpatient and inpatient treatment as well as dental treatment.This includes, among other things, treatment by national health practitioners and private doctors of choice as well as treatment in public and private hospitals.
Reimbursement is made in accordance with the regulations of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund and, in some cases, exceeds what the Fund pays out. The plan fulfills all official requirements of foreign insurance in Austria, and the health insurance is recognized by all municiple authorities (for example MA35). This applies equally to Care Austria and Care Austria 364. The coverage is identical. The only differences are regarding the maximum duration of coverage and the premium rate.

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What does the insurance cost?

For stays of one year or more in the unlimited Care Austria option, you pay EUR 56 per month for stays for educational purposes (Care Austria Education). This premium is guaranteed for six years. For all other stays, Care Austria Standard starts at 155 EUR/month.
For stays up to 364 days (Care Austria 364), the health insurance for educational purposes (e.g. students, language school participants, au pairs between 12 and 35 years old) costs 51 EUR/month. For all other travel purposes, the insurance starts at 95 EUR/month.

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Your premium helps

By taking out a Care Austria health insurance policy, you are helping people in need in the Congo. This is because we donate one percent of the total premium income incurred through our Care Austria plan (unlimited) to the Deutsche Institut für ärztliche Mission e.V. (Difäm), which provides chronically ill people in Congo with access to medical care.

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Taking out insurance coverage:

You can take out a Care Austria policy directly online and will receive your insurance documents by e-mail within two working days after successful application review.

We recommend that you take out liability and accident insurance. The liability insurance protects you against third party claims for damages from as little as 2 EUR per month. Accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of a decrease in your ability to work due to long-term disability or death following an accident.
Our tip: For only 4 EUR/month we can offer you combined liability and accident insurance coverage.
You can conclude this quite conveniently together with your health insurance under Online Application for a premium from 2.00 EUR per month.

Online application

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