Would you like to file a claim? Here you can find everything you need to know!

If you have a claim and would like to send us any relevant documents such as doctor's bills or pharmacy receipts, or if we have asked you for some information regarding a request for reimbursement (for example, a completed self-disclosure form or proof of entry into a country), you can upload all documents quickly and easily here.
Your advantage: You do not need to send us anything by regular mail or email*, and you will receive the benefits stipulated in your policy very quickly.
*In individual cases we reserve the right to request original versions of the documents.

We distinguish between two types of documents you can upload:

These include, for example, doctor’s bills, pharmacy receipts and hospital bills.

All other documentsAll other documents
These include such documents as completed self-disclosure forms, duty of confidentiality waivers, cost estimates and proof of entry into a country.

Your request for reimbursement

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