Care Concept® AG - Mission Statement

Dear Care Concept® AG Customers and Partners,

I really appreciate your interest in the vision and values of Care Concept® AG.

We have achieved remarkable successes and would like to continue down this successful path.

In doing so we make medical costs abroad affordable and help people to preserve
their life and health – that is our mission!

The changing values of our fast-moving times requires – perhaps more than ever – a clear orientation and certain constants. Our corporate mission statement serves that orientation: the vision illustrates in which direction we would like to go. Our values describe the inner attitude and motivation with which we would like to get there.

As a company we feel a sense of responsibility towards people. If we really live our values every day and have the same goals in our sights, we can really turn our vision into reality. This is how we want to shape the future and success of Care Concept® AG.

Jörg Schmidt

– Chief Executive Officer of Care Concept® AG –

Our Vision – how we see the future

Care Concept® is a brand known and recognised worldwide for fair health insurance coverage. Weltkugel Care Concept AG
Our name says it all. It stands for Dependability, Certainty and Trust.

True to our motto "We take care of you", we place the needs of our customers first in everything we do. They experience our service as first rate, are happy to seek us out themselves and recommend us to others.

In conjunction with our constant striving for innovation and improvement, we are always setting new standards with our premium products and our unique customer services.

Our Values – our compass

Our values are our compass. They orient us on our path into a successful future.


  • Each one of us is ready to help.
  • Friendly. Qualified. Committed.
  • Our customers. Our employees. Our company.

Our Values – our corporate culture
  • Our corporate culture - the way we deal with one another as well as with customers and business partners
    should be marked by honesty.
  • We want to be friendly, fair and ready to help anyone.
  • Hände We unconditionally respect the personality and beliefs of every individual.
  • We personify compassion and tolerance.
  • In our constant efforts to work upon the principle of honest, we are conscious of our social responsibility towards our employees and society.
  • We rely upon committed and competent employees, who form the basis of a dynamic, innovative and reliable service environment.
  • We regard constructive criticism as an opportunity to develop and a pillar of our creative progress.
  • We desire and foster the unfolding and development of all who work for us and their personalities.
    In doing so, we want to show appreciation for every employee and enable them to become an essential aprt
    of a whole in the attainment of our goals.
Our Values – assuming social responsibility

As a company we have responsibility for our fellow humans, the environment and our planet, and are happy to live up to it.
LouiseWe are therefor committed to helping those in need worldwide.

We donate one percent of the total premium income incurred through our Care Austria plan to the Deutsche Institut für ärztliche Mission e.V. (Difäm), which provides chronically ill people in Congo with access to medical care.

Since 2009, we have supported children's aid projects run by First Aid For Africa e.V. (FAFA) (Information in German):
With our help, a training center was built in Nigeria, two elementary schools were renovated and six wells were installed on the premises of public elementary schools. Three euros are donated to FAFA for each policy purchased under our Care Au Pair health insurance plan.

Every year with our "Cycle to Work" campaign we collect money for a different social project. We donate one cent for every kilometer our employees cycle to and from work.

You can download our Corporate Mission Statement in PDF format (272 KB)
Corporate Mission Statement of Care Concept® AG

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