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Liability insurance
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Liability- and accident insurance
Who can take out liability/-accident insurance?
Termination of policy
Information in event of claim or illness
General insurance conditions [German]
Who can take out liability/-accident insurance?
  • Foreign nationals with permanent residence abroad travelling temporarily to Germany, Austria, EU-, Schengen-States, Switzerland or Liechtenstein;
  • German or Austrian nationals with permanent residence in Germany or Austria for at least two years or EU-, Schengen-States, Switzerland or Liechtenstein nationals with permanent residence in Germany or Austria travelling abroad temporarily.
  • Other nationals during a stay abroad, if they are living in Germany or Austria for at least two years.

Nicht versicherbar trotz Beitragszahlung sind Personen, die

  • illegal eingereist sind und
  • in der Unfallversicherung außerdem Personen, die dauern pflegebedürftig sind und Geisteskranke.
Termination of Policy
The policy expires at the agreed point in time, at the end of the stay, when the conditions of a temporary stay no longer exist or when the conditions for the insurance no longer exist.
Term of policy
Minimum term is 1 month; maximum term is 60 months.
Important information in event of claim or illness

The original notifications of damages should be submitted
quoting the insurance policy no.:

Care Concept AG | Postfach 33 01 51 | 53203 Bonn
Phone: 0800 9773500 or +49 228 97735-0 | Fax: 0800 9773535 or +49 228 97735-35
e-mail: E-Mailadresse Info der Auslandskrankenversicherung Care Concept

Please always carry the insurance card with your personal details with you in case of emergencies. This was sent to you with the confirmation by post. Our telephone number is also stated on the card. If you have any questions about the insurance cover or other insurance procedures, please call the (from the German fixed line network free) service number stated above.

In event of liability
In event of liability claims no acceptance of fault should be indicated to the injured party. Care Concept AG will alone investigate which party is at fault.

Download description

 Download description Care Protector (PDF)(62KB)

Please note that the English translation is for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German one.

Insurance type: Accident insurance / liability insurance for travellers

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Care Protector Care Concept AG • Accident insurance / liability insurance for travellers	 • Haftpflichtversicherung • description

Insurance type
Liability-/Liability- and accident insurance
Insurable persons
Germans abroad, foreign nationals in the EU
Age at beginning
0-73 Years
Premium Care Protector
from €2 / month
1 month - 5 Years
  • Lump sum coverage from 1 Mio. up to 2.5 Mio.
  • Deportation cost choosable: €1,000.00 up to €3,000.00
  • Co-insurance of damage to rented property from €10,000.00 (tariff S)
Haftpflichtversicherung • Description • Information
Haftpflichtversicherung • online application • online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).