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Who needs a blocked account?

If you come to Germany from abroad, e.g. to study or to take language courses, you often need a blocked account for your visa or residency permit. This is to provide proof that you have sufficient financial means for your stay in Germany.

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What does the Care Concept blocked account offer you?

We work together with VietinBank for the Care Concept Blocked Account. You open your blocked account from your home country, into which you pay the officially prescribed blocked amount. You will also receive the blocking certificate to present to the embassy from VietinBank.
And best of all: you will receive a free checking account at the same time for your payment transactions in Germany.

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What does the Care Concept blocked account cost?

Your blocked account costs you only a one-time opening fee of 50 euro and a monthly fee of 4.90 euro. You will receive your checking account directly with the blocked account—even completely free of charge.

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How to request the blocked account?

You can apply for the blocked account directly online.

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