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Instructions for completing the formInstructions for completing the form

You will receive all relevant documents from the blocked account provider after successful application review. You can also use these documents to apply for a visa.

You will find help regarding the necessary details you are asked to provide by clicking on the ? You will find further information required for completing the application by clicking on ? next to the respective fields. next to the respective fields.

Care Concept Blocked Account

Note: You must be 18 years or older to open a blocked account

?Please enter the blocking period here, this is basically the duration of your stay in Germany.

? The usual monthly blocking amount is currently €934.00. This amount may vary, please enter the amount specified by the embassy or consulate.

? In some cases it may be useful to pay in an additional basic amount (e.g. for transfer fees). Should you wish to do so, please use this field, otherwise please leave it blank.

Premium calculation
(Duration of stay (Months)) x (Your monthly blocked amount )
Additional basic amount
Initial set-up fee
?Initial set-up fee: an initial set-up fee of € 50.00 will be charged by VietinBank for opening the blocked account
(Duration of stay (Months)) x €4.90 (Monthly service fee )
Total blocked amount to be transferred

Personal details

Place of birth

Passport number

Registered address and contact details in home country

Referrer / agent numberReferrer / agent number
Agency number or agent number at the Care Concept AG =>

Important information

By clicking the adjacent box, you declare that you are aware of and agree to the aforementioned content. I confirm that I have provided all information fully, carefully and correctly. In addition, I am authorized to make all declarations/statements and am fully informed to make them. Should this not be the case at any point, I have made this clear.

At the same time, I confirm my consent to the incurrence of the fees charged in advance as well as the disclosure of my data to the bank offering the blocked account (Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade) for the preparation and processing of the contract.

At the same time, by clicking on this button, you confirm that you have printed out the data processing information sheet before submitting it and / or downloaded it as a file (pdf):

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